Random Acts of Kindness

Since my diagnosis, I have been overwhelmed by Random Acts of Kindness and wanted to document my blessings below.

There are many people who have been absolutely steadfast over the last few weeks, you know who you are.  Without you, I simply could not have got through this, Mark, Gracie, Ben, my Dad and Adam and my friends, I can never ever repay you.

Thank you for the endless chats, night time texts, daytime rants, bedtime cuddles….Love you lots!

Day 56

To Cathy, for dropping everything and taking me to hospital today.

To Mandy for promising to look after dad in the event I needed help.

To the consultant dermatologist who just so happened to be in clinic three doors down from the plastic surgeon and was able to come and look at me immediately.  Whilst I didn’t like the outcome, I am grateful for his expertise and time and potentially life saving decision.

Day 55

To Clare again for shopping for Belladonna in an attempt to cool down my escalating rash!

Day 52

To Clare for getting up at the crack of dawn to come shopping for bras and knickers to take to hospital in all shapes and sizes as I have no idea what shape or size I will be.

To Dad for phoning me at 1.15am from hospital to see how my charity walk was going.

Raising a huge amount of money on my sponsored walk – thank you to everyone who donated.

Day 51

To Cathy for taking Gracie to the orthodontist so Mark could accompany me to hospital today.

The outstanding care I received from all the staff at hospital today in preparation for next week’s operation.

Day 50

Kindness beyond my wildest dreams on my last day of work.

Day 49

Having the opportunity to spend a little time with someone who wouldn’t want to be named but their company on this day was so important to me – thank you.

Day 48

Mandy for taking me to hospital today on her day off.

To the lady in the charity office at the hospital for recognising me as her fundraiser of the month and donating to me the most enormous basket of fruit I have ever seen – thank you!

Day 47

A beautiful orchid from Jane and lavender plant from Marie .

Day 45

Random, unexpected hugs from two of Ben’s friends, R and F to make sure I was ok.

Day 42

A parcel – from Buffalo.  It can only mean one thing.  I took the parcel to my dad’s to share the pleasure of opening it and there inside was a stunning gift which I will always treasure from my dear friends Virginia and Savino, thank you for thinking of me x.

Day 40

An unexpected delivery of cake and pizza from Debbie, Mel and Maria at work to fatten me up, one of many.

Day 39

Receiving a message from Marj, a lady I used to work with who is now living in another part of the country.  She had heard my news and gave me a call to check in.

Day 37

The hotel owner discounting our room even though I’d previously phoned to book and secured the rate a few days before and there was no discount.

Day 36

Chloe – you know why.

Day 35

A slice of banana cake from Rochelle and a whole carrot cake from Hilary oh my word…let them eat cake!

Day 34

Flowers from Suzanne.

Day 30

More flowers from J, L, K and S and an idea about walking in the local hospice midnight walk. Now I feel very humbled.

Day 29

Meeting my plastic surgeon and thinking I am the luckiest person to have her and my oncoplast to be working with me.  I am blessed.

Day 28

An unexpected blessing from the Priest which was incredibly special and deeply meaningful.

Day 27

Arriving at work to find numerous cards and well wishes on my desk

A colleague at work bringing me a prayer

Day 22

Going to my hospital appointment and arriving at the wrong hospital.  There is a courtesy bus between two sites and the bus driver seeing my concern, given my appointment was in 8 minutes and it was a 15 minute drive, drove us right to the door.  I found a penny for luck on my way in.

My dad’s food parcel – I’m sure I should be cooking for him instead!

Day 17

Cathy’s aromatherapy box and loving prayers

Day 16

The flowers from Pat, Hilary, Greg and Jo.  Marie working on her day off. Ellen’s unexpected hug. The cake off Debbie to fatten me up – I’m lost for words.

Day 15

For Susie supporting me at my visit to see the consultant today.

Day 14

Staff at work have now been told.  Their support is tangible.  I especially need to thank three people at work, they know who they are.

Day 12

The children’s music school offering a place a summer camp to help with the summer holidays – no charge – thank you so much for your generosity.

Day 11

Spending the day with my heartbroken dad was what we both needed.

The member of staff in Costco (I wish I’d taken his name), who had seen me struggle trying to load a crate of water on my trolley and came to help me and dad (who walks with crutches).  He then helped me again at the checkout letting us go first so we didn’t have to wait.

The gentleman who at Costco saw I was struggling to push both trolleys and help my dad and so pushed the, both to the car whilst I went and got my dad into the car – thank you too for your help.

Day 10

My boss being understanding and letting me take the day off work.

The amazing and overwhelming support as I called my family and friends.

Day 9

Celebrating my birthday with my beautiful family.

Finding out that the likelihood is I have DCIS.  Hard to take in one the one hand but on the other, I know someone will have had a much more difficult diagnosis today that may be life limiting.

Day  7

The breast care nurse at the hospital I attended who sensing my concerns on the phone managed to not only arrange an appointment but then phoned me back with a cancellation.  The only disadvantage, it was on my birthday.

Day of my mammogram – day 1

A gentleman gave me his parking ticket so I didn’t have to pay for the car park at the hospital.  Not sure this is allowed but hey ho, I’ll live dangerously!

The break neck speed at which my husband managed to get to hospital when I phoned his to say there was a problem. I am sure he was helicoptered in.