Four nipples looking for a new home…

It has been a tough few weeks for one reason or another. I seem to have spent some of most days either seeing a doctor or in hospital having tests for this that or the other. Yesterday I felt a little weary of it but when I have a moment to myself, I reflect on the situation and get a grip. I am so blessed in so many ways. Look at the options I have and the amazing care I continue to receive. If I have any health concerns, there is always someone to call for reassurance – Julie, Sharon, Alison and Gaynor, the breast care team who look after me and others like me, they have no idea of the positive impact they make to our lives, their unending reassurance and time – thank you so much, you help to shine a light when there are only moments of despair.

Tomorrow is the start of the final part of my surgery, I hope. I was offered a cancellation with a different surgeon and I jumped at the chance. Now, I’m back peddling slightly and wondering if I’ve done the right thing but I’m sure when tomorrow comes, I’ll feel differently again – I hope so -I’ll let you know!

Until then – if anyone is looking for a prosthetic nipple…I have four unused, looking for new homes as tomorrow I’ll be sporting my very own new nipple of sorts and they’ll no longer be required!

Ciao – Toots xx

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