My life unfolds in divine order

When I first heard the news, all I wanted was to have my surgery as soon as possible, especially given the first consultant I saw insisted on the urgency of my case.  Having an immediate reconstruction can delay surgery as surgical teams need to align theatre time.  Added to this, my plastic surgeon is taking two weeks leave but when I met her, she instilled me with so much confidence and I knew instantly she was the person, who with my oncoplast, would make a real difference to me.


I have had to let go, stop trying to be in control and instead invest my faith in God.  In retrospect, the extra time has enabled me to gain more control over my emotions and I think I will be stronger when my surgery takes place as a result.  There have been a number of events I would have missed if my surgery had happened earlier in the month and I feel eternally blessed that I have been able to participate in them all so fully.

On Friday Mark and I went away for the night and stayed in the most luxurious surroundings and then yesterday we went to my friend’s wedding, we’ve known each other for nearly thirty years.

So the moral of the story, there is a divine order to life but you need to surrender to it a little because otherwise these blessed opportunities pass us by.

To Clare and Al – I wish you a lifetime of happiness together, all my love xx

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